5 Aerial Yoga Poses To Reset Your Spine

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5 Aerial Yoga Poses (Spinal Reset)
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5 Aerial Yoga Poses (Spinal Reset)

5 Aerial Yoga Poses To Reset Your Spine


I had the opportunity to try my hand at Aerial Yoga under Yuva Naresh’s watchful eye. Yuva is a Bangalore based teacher who guides both Vinyasa and Aerial yoga sessions.

Yuva explains that whilst aerial yoga can have many fancy poses, its true value becomes available to us when we use its potential to decompress the spine. It can facilitate a deep recovery mode and help reset the spine.

I loved the idea so much I requested that he share a few poses to demonstrate how we can use aerial silks to go about resetting the spine. Yuva picked the poses pictured above to illustrate his point. This little infographic pretty much made itself.

The poses are passive ones, most use use gravity to lengthen the spine or gently open the heart. I tried all of them and came out of each one feeling rested and energized.

If you’re in Bangalore and looking to try Aerial Yoga – Check in for upcoming workshops with Yuva Naresh

like this one at Balance Life Today @ HSR Layout, Bangalore.

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