Super Easy Joint-Mobility Work (Inspired By PavanMuktasana Series 1)

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Super Easy Joint-Mobility Work
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PavanMuktasana Series 1 is a simple yet effective set of practices designed to help one encourage joint mobility and improve tone of the deeper connective tissues.

Today we take inspiration from the Pavanmuktasana series 1 practices for these super simple joint mobility exercises.

In the video we have Dhanush (aged 11) and Srikar (aged 17) demonstrate the sequence.

Points to keep in mind while practicing.

1) Sit in a comfortable position and be aware of the position of the spine and breath through out the practice

2) Perform each of the movements slowly and with deliberation (quality is more important than quantity)

Our sequence is as follows

– toe bending

– ankle bending

– ankle rotations

– ankle crank

– kneecap contractions

– knee bending

– half butterfly

– full butterfly

– hand clenching

– wrist rotations

– wrist bending

– elbow bending

– shoulder rotations

– head & neck movements

It is strongly advised that folks with conditions that involve impaired joint function exercise caution during these practices