6 Tips To Help You Sit Upright & At Ease : Meditation Basics

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Meditation Basics: Sitting Posture
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Yogini Pooja Thawrani demonstrates a comfortable sitting posture for meditation. Pooja is a Yoga Teacher and Mindfulness expert based out of Bangalore. She runs the popular Balance Yoga Studio at HSR Layout. Connect with Pooja on Instagram.

Pooja demonstrates a comfortable sitting posture for meditation.

6 Tips To Keep In Mind When Sitting To Meditate:

  1. SEAT: Find a spot that gives you a stable, solid seat. It can be a chair, a meditation cushion or a yoga mat.
  2. LEGS: Prioritise comfort and grounding. If you are on a chair, try and keep your feet on the ground. If on a cushion or a mat, adopt the most comfortable seated posture that you practice.
  3. UPPER BODY: Straighten – Don’t stiffen. Allow your body to reach a comfortable upright position. We are trying to keep the head and shoulders aligned with the spine. Remember, If we force ourselves to stiffen so we’re super straight – we will tire easily and it will take away from the experience of the meditation.
  4. HANDS: Keep your upper arms parrallel to the body and allow the palms to drop onto your legs. Remember not to keep your arms too far to the front, that will make you want to hunch. Its a great opportunity to practice mudras with your fingers.
  5. GAZE: Drop your chin a little and allow your drishti (gaze) to drop a little downward. You may close your eyelids if you like.
  6. CENTRE YOURSELF: Stay there for a few moments simply observing yourself. Once you feel you are comfortable you can start working with the breath and stillness.