Top 8 Poses To Help You Find Ease In Splits

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Preksha Bardia is a Yogini and Dancer based out of Kolkata, India. Follow her work on Instagram here.


Hanumanasana (Full Splits)
Sanskrit: हनुमानासन

  • Level: Intermediate
  • Duration: 30 to 60 seconds
  • Repetition: Once on the right leg and once on the left leg
  • Stretches:Hamstrings, Thighs, Groin
  • Strengthens:Legs, Abdomen, Hips

Yogini Preksha demonstrates 8 yoga poses to practice to help you build up to and ease into Hanumanasana (full splits).


Warm up with sun salutations.

Hold each of the poses for 30 secs to begin with. as you practice these regularly you can build up to 2 minutes.

Be mindful of your breath. Maintain calm, long and even breaths.

Smile through your practice.

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